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JAKARTA, Computers have become part of people’s life today. We use it to deal withoffice works, campus assignments, and other things to make them easier. Today, the need to use computers has been highly developed compared to that of the previous years. This is due to the increasing amount of data that must be processed by today’s computers.

The development of the use of computers today does not stop at that point only. Currently, we are required to be able to be mobile anywhere and anytime. It is because of such demand that a technology called Cloud Computing emerges. Cloud Computing is computing technology that focuses on the use of internet to perform computer tasks in general.

With the use of internet as a motor for Cloud Computing technology, we can use it to open up new business opportunities in the future. Cloud Computing gives its users opportunities to use their computers in a more open and integrated environment. There are three most common services that can be initiated as new business opportunities using Cloud Computing technology.

The first is the use of Cloud Computing inbusiness offering information technology infrastructure. An example of the use of this business opportunity is online data storage service. Although it’s been a lot of services like this out there, the opportunities we can develop from this serviceare still wide open. The ease of data sharing, collaborationin processingspecific data, and data usage areopportunities that can still be initiatedindeveloping Cloud Computing business.

The second opportunity that can be developed from Cloud Computing business is using the Internet to replace the operating system that we often use. This opportunity is actually still quite wide open in Indonesia and there is still no party that falls to it. By replacing a computer operating system that exists today with internet-based operating system, the hardware usage cost will be much cheaper. Moreover, the business also can help develop the world of education. Today’s education requires extremely large cost, but we shouldn’t forget that younger generation still need to be given proper education.Cloud Computing can be a solution to this because Cloud Computing does not need hardware with performance that is as high as that oftoday’s computer’s hardware in general.

Another opportunity that can be exploited is the use of cloud-based applications. Nowadays, especially in the corporate world, corporate applications have a very expensive price and companies still need those applications to run their business.Cloud Computing is able tosolve this by offering each application as a service. In other words, companies will pay the application cost only whenthey use it.

There are many other uses of Cloud Computing that can be developed as business. Three services mentioned earlier are examples of business prospect that can be developed through Cloud Computing services. Cloud Computing itself will continue to grow in the future in terms of data security, speed of use and reliability.

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