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Assalamu’alaikum Wr. Wb.Managing Director Of KKT
Best Wishes,

As an operating company of the Terminal in Kariangau, East Kalimantan, who support Economical Development in Kalimantan especially East Kalimantan, PT. Kaltim Kariangau Terminal is commited to give the best services in Handling Activities with competitive price.We also still consider our industrial effect to the environment. PT. Kaltim Kariangau Terminal also commited to contribute to environment development in Kariangau.
We hope the presence of PT. Kaltim Kariangau Terminal can give positive impact to all of us.

Sincerely Yours,

H. Abdul Azis
Managing Director


Management :

Board of Comissioner :
Abu Helmi (President Comissioner)
M. Adji (Comissioner)
Zaenal Haq (Comissioner)

Board of Director:
H. Abdul Azis (Managing Director)
Sofyan (Operations and Commercial Director)
Suherman (Finance and Human Resources Director)

Manager :
Muh. Alif (Operation and Engineer Manager)
Torba (Finance Manager)
Muhammad Aminullah (Human Resource, General Affair and IS Manager)
Tulus Prasetyo (Quality and Marketing Manager)