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The rapid development of social media certainly brings a positive impact on the development of marketing trends. Maybe some time ago before social media become as famous as they are today, the marketing team would take entertaining action by meeting customer or interacting via phone for just having a social time. But now the era of technological advancement that offers a variety of social media along with their advantages obviously facilitates the marketing activities and makes them easier and noticeably closer to the prospects.

These facilities have to be supported with the marketing team’s flexibility and precision to do marketing campaigns that remain comfortable and favored by followers or fans of the brand. With that, the reputation of the marketed brand will improve and will not provide a loophole for competitors to evoke negative influence via social media. Here are some important points that you must know before doing business marketing via social media:

1. Set Socialization Apart from Promotion.

In actuality, social media are created so that people can interact, share stories or share photos with friends, relatives or coworkers. Capable marketing team can certainly understand this point and don’t directly invade and bombard the target market with information about a brand. This can actually make people upset and stay away from the brand’s social media account. Do marketing smoothly and gracefully without ruling out the essential goal of the marketing itself.

As we usually see on Facebook, skillful social media marketers will often give updatesin the form of images, videos or simply words that generally don’tseem todirectly lead to the goal of “selling” goods, but actually post updates of theiractivitiesand make them bridge for consumers to feel more comfortable whenobservingtheir business. By emphatically applying the concept of socialization, thepromotional purpose will indirectly be carried away by itself.

2. Be a Good Listener.

When a marketing team enter the community with its own background, the first step that must be taken is of course to adapt to the community and to be a good listener. Only after having managed to blend and to adapt to it that the marketing team can do a bit of brand promotion effort.

This is possible because there are some particular communities that allow their members to promote certain products—obviously with the right portion of promotion and no excess. Don’t let the social media pages of a community be filled with excessive and annoying product promotions.

3. Share Knowledge and News Updates.

Besides socializing and occasionally doing business promotion through social media, try to be a good role model. For example, if you want to promote a web hosting service, it would be nice if your marketing team can also occasionally insert tips on hosting management that can enrich the readers’ knowledge. With such move, the followers or fans of a brand will anticipate useful information, especially the one to be shared later. It will be easier to share promotional information about a brand if the brand’s social media account has been getting the most attention from followers or fans.

Other positive things that we can share aremotivational materials. The forms of motivation that can provide benefits to followers or fans of a brand can be delivered by holding seminars or workshops that are announced in a friendly way via social media. This announcement will certainly strengthen the interaction between a brand and its followers. Another thing that is more fun can also be done by holding a quiz with prizes for the brand’s followers.

4. Don’t Merely Talk about Products

Sharing on a trending topic is one thing that is fun and interesting to do on social media. Therefore, do not merely talk about the products and brands that you want to promote. For example, if a marketing team wants to promote a bed linen brand, don’t always talk about the bed linen’s price the best quality brand on the market. Easy topics on trendy bed linen’s patterns or tips on choosing a comfortable bed linen for children might be interesting topics that the followers may want to listen.

5. Provide Positive Response to Existing Comments

Be thankful if there are comments that go to the social media account of a brand that is being promoted. Both positive and negative comments shows followers’ or fans’ concern to the existence of the brand. To that end, respond to those comments nicely. Provide information or explanation to comments with negative tone as well asinquisitive ones. Comments containing compliments should be responded with humility without impressingany form of arrogance.

Interestingly, based on the writer’s observation, sometimes it is comments with negative tone that actually show the potential to become viral to our business. How can? A simple analogy is that people who generally do not like a certain thing/product will more likely try toherald the hated product to others via social media than people who like the product. The challenge here is how we can counter those negative comments and finally convince that our product is actually a quality product that is feasible to be social media consumers’ choice.

Those are the key points that must be understood and implemented when social media marketing is going to be done. Hopefully this explanation can be useful for the development of marketing in Indonesia.

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